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Niteblade Issue #33 Island of Crows

The last issue of Niteblade released last week. As it’s the last issue, we’ve release the full web version already.

Issue #33 Island of Crows

~*~ Niteblade Store (PDF, mobi, epub) ~*~ Island of Crows (Web Version) ~*~

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Published in B is for Broken, Q is for…

Today is the launch day for B is for Broken!

Broken people, broken promises, broken dreams and broken objects are just some of the ways these 26 fantastic stories interpret the theme of ‘Broken’. From science fiction to fantasy, horror to superheroes the stories within these pages cover a vast swath of the genres under the speculative fiction umbrella.

My story is the letter Q. If you’ve read my story in A is for Apocalypse, you’ll recognize the main character :)

Join us on Facebook for the Release Party, and click the cover to visit Poise and Pen website for links to purchase sites.

B is for Broken

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Cover Reveal: B is for Broken

The cover for B is for Broken has been revealed!

Click on the teaser image to see the full cover at Rhonda Parrish’s site:
B is for Broken Teaser

Broken people, broken promises, broken dreams and broken objects are just some of the ways these 26 fantastic stories interpret the theme of ‘Broken’. From science fiction to fantasy, horror to superheroes the stories within these pages cover a vast swath of the genres under the speculative fiction umbrella.

Over at Rhonda’s blog you can also enter her Goodreads Giveaway, or sign up for the Alphabet Anthologies mailing list.

I’m looking forward to this book! 😀

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Month of Plotting!


As I said in my Camp NaNoWriMo post, this month I’m focusing on improving my plotting skills by using Camp to plot out three projects that have been languishing while waiting for me to do so.




Untitled Ghost Story


Stretch Goals!

If I happen to make better progress than I expect, I’ll add a few projects.



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Month of Plotting!

I hate plotting. Haaaaaaate it.

However, last NaNo showed me that the inefficiencies in my pantsing method don’t work for me anymore, either. The combination has been frustrating.

Last year I found the Snowflake Method, which looks like it might work for me. I replotted one book last year, and made plans to two others, as well as a few new ideas. All of those are still sitting in my “to do” pile.

So, for Camp NaNo this year, I’ve decided work on that weakness in my process. I am going to spend this month figuring this plotting thing out, finally getting those projects ready.


I’ve decided to break the Snowflake Method up, and assign each piece a percentage of the total project. By the end, if I succeed at my goal, I’ll have three books plotted all the way through the scene breakdowns. On the off change I finish early, I’ll add another one.

Honestly though, with my track record, this is a daunting challenge. For the first time in a while, I’m a little worried about meeting my NaNo goal.

That’s kind of fun.

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Last year, a friend showed me HabitRPG, which for me was another in a long string of to-do list and productivity apps that I’d tried. I expected it to have a similar usage pattern to the rest of them: I would use it without fail for a few weeks, if I was lucky a couple of months, and then I’d lose interest. I have abandoned accounts on more apps than I remember exist. HabitRPG however, appears to be sticking.

It’s a gamification app, so I’m willing to try it right out of the gate, of course. I’ve seen a lot of posts out there going over the basics, and there’s an overview video, so I’m not going to go into everything it does.

HabitRPG Tutorial #1: Tasks from Tyler Renelle on Vimeo.

I’ve been trying to figure out why this one’s working for me, but I think in large part it comes down to two things: quests and pets.

There are two types of quests, boss quests and drop quests, but they both use the party system. I was lucky, as I had a party right out of the gate, and that means I’m kinda held accountable. In the drop quests, I’m a rogue, which means I have a good drop rate, so it means my contribution is useful. In the boss quests, I don’t have great damage (I still need to find out if I can improve it), but the boss quests have the added accountability factor of group damage.\

Usually, if I don’t complete tasks, I take damage. If we’re fighting a boss and I don’t complete a task, the whole group takes damage. That is remarkably motivating to me. (I haven’t wiped the group yet, fortunately, but I came darn close on a night I got distracted and forgot to check things off.) It helps keep me engaged. So, no pressure guys!

The other motivating factor, is somewhat related, in that many of the quests reward pet eggs that can be hatched with potions. There’s also 90 base pets that are acquired through regular drops, and all of them can be grown into mounts (which means you then collect the pets over again). That means my collector nature goes right into “gotta get them all” mode. Getting them all means getting things done.

I’ll admit that the XP gains don’t mean as much after it stops opening up new features, and being a rogue means gold isn’t usually an issue. (I’ve heard they’re going to change one of my spells to decrease that, though. I have to use it while I can!) However, with the features that do catch me, it means I’m still using the app and I’m still getting some things done. It’s also helping me keep organized, which I really appreciate.

This is working for me, and I’m having fun with it. Now I just have to tackle more those glaring deep red tasks. Damage and drops await!

So much to do!

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NaNo Reflections

It’s been a month since the end of the last NaNo, and I’m still mulling over how I felt about it. I’ve been focusing on plotting lately, so I was looking forward to pantsing again. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I have in the past.

I still like the experience of discovery through writing, but I’ve also come to like the efficiency I’ve managed to achieve in what plotting I’ve done, and I can’t say that pantsing is the most efficient method in the universe, even if it is still effective for me.

So, my conclusions from this NaNo is that I need to find a way to get the efficiency of plotting in with the discovery of pantsing.

Flying by the seat of your pants; I miss you Merit Badger! Outlining; I miss you Merit Badger!

Right before NaNo started, I’d been trying out replotting some novels with the Snowflake Method. I’m still a little shaky on using it for a new project, but so far it seems like a useful method, and one that makes sense to me. I’m going to use it a few more times, and see if it also gives me the writing experience I now want.

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Catching Up

So, at some point, I feel behind in posts for what I was cooking, and then fartehr behind, and then I stopped cooking for a while, with the end result being that I no longer remembered how long things had taken me, or what trouble I ran into (except that my Béarnaise sauce came out way too green, and that I did something that decreased the sweetness in the Coconut-Chocolate Tart).

I was going to do catch-up posts anyway, from my pictures, but I just discovered that I forgot to take photos of some of the finished products. So! Instead, I’m going to do a complete list of what I made last year, and then post the completed dishes that I have pictures of at the end.

What I’ve Made So Far:

I think that was everything.

I’ll see if I can actually get it together in the new year to make more :)

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