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Playlist: You’re So Real


It was an illusion. D had worked hard to create it, but there was no substance behind the act. At least, that was what everyone kept telling them. Liev wasn’t so sure anymore. Maybe back at the start, he’d bought into it, but that was part of the scam, wasn’t it?

Layers upon layers of misdirection, the tools of the trade for magicians and con artists alike. He knew which D was, but even a con was a person underneath it all. The trick was knowing when you’re reached them.

He wanted to believe this was it, wanted to believe they’d touched the core. Everyone was calling him an idiot, having an easier time of it than when they called Tomas the same, but he wasn’t so sure. After all, if they hadn’t managed to reach D at last, there wouldn’t have been a need to pull a running.

But here they were, empty guest room like a kick in guts, and the knowledge that they’d reached the real person underneath absolutely no comfort at all.

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The March 2014 issue of Niteblade Magazine is now available online!

We’ve also got about a week left in our 2014 Fundraiser, with some great rewards left. Check it out on Indiegogo.

Issue #27 The Mermaid at Sea World

~*~ Niteblade Store (PDF, mobi, epub) ~*~ The Mermaid at Sea World (Web Version) ~*~

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Playing: The Walk


The Walk is a fitness game that came out in December. I picked it up right away, because it’s by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman, who also made Zombies, Run! (which I love). It’s got a similar philosophy behind it: activity and fitness motivated by story. That is, unsurprisingly, a motivation that works rather well for me. It also has many of the same voice actors, which gives it a nice familiar feel. No zombies in this one, but it’s a suspense thriller, so I’m still in.

Expectations are a little different for this game. Zombies, Run! is more of a workout app, where you set aside some time to go on a run. The Walk is more like a pedometer: it uses your fitness level for the entire day to progress through the story. One of the nice things is that you don’t have to listen to the story points right as they unlock. It works well for me, as I alternate between listening to them as soon as I can, and saving them up to blow through whole sections in one go.

iOS Progress

There are also game play elements based on the map: you can choose different paths through the mission to open up collectables which are extra images that add to the world. There are also landscape features, which appear as small squares on the map when you’re in range of them. They usually have little text notes for the scenery, but are sometimes sound files with additional stories. At first the landscape features annoyed me: if you don’t happen to open the app while you’re in range, you can complete the episode with some missing. I’m a bit of a completionist, so I found that frustrating at first. I’ve pretty much gotten over it. I don’t know if they actually increased the range at which the features appear (it feels like it), or I just started checking the app more, but I don’t miss as many as I did at the start. Apparently some of them also depend on the path you take, so I’ve accepted that I’ll have to do some maps more than once (though four times for the one I just couldn’t catch was irritating).

The only thing I’m not a fan of so far is the challenges. They’re levels with a twenty-four hour time limit, and you draw your own map to try and hit as many points as possible. There are absolutely not story sections (that I’ve found so far, anyway), in the challenge maps, and the few interesting points you open up aren’t really worth it in my opinion. I find them to be an arbitrary twenty-four hour delay in my story progression, and that grates on me. I know I could just draw myself a really short map and get it over with, and I might start doing that now that I’m into part two, but again, completionist. But when I hit the delay before they release part two, I was starting a challenge right before doing a run, and it seemed to get me through them. I might just save them up and complete them after I’ve finished the story.

The Walk is available for both iPhone and Android, and I’m glad part two came out already. I really didn’t want to be waiting for months to find out what happened next!

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Niteblade Issue #26 A Fixer-Upper


I’m late with the posting the new issue again, alas. But the December 2013 issue of Niteblade just made the goal to release the full version online!

Niteblade Issue #26 A Fixer-Upper

~*~ Niteblade Store (PDF, mobi, epub) ~*~ A Fixer-Upper (Web Version) ~*~

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NaNoWriMo 2013 Blog Chain: Complete

Love Books

Over at the Absolute Write Water Cooler this year there was a NaNoWriMo 2013 Blog Chain. Participants posted an excerpt from their NaNo Novels on Fridays during November.

I participated and posted an excerpt every Friday. The blog chain organizer orion_mk3 made us an icon to celebrate.

Achievement Unlocked

I love it :)

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NaNo Excerpt Blog Chain 2013: Week Five

NaNoWriMo 2013

This year I've join the the NaNo Excerpt Blog Chain 2013 over at the Absolute Write Water Cooler.

Every Friday this month, I'll be posting an excerpt from my in progress NaNo novel.

Week Five Excerpts

orion_mk3 | AshleyEpidemicamaliegreen | RhondaParrish | sunflowerrei

Burnside smiled at Lorne. “I think you do.” Before he could answer, she nodded her head, and Sean saw his aura change. The silver gathered in the centre of his chest, as a red light built in hers. The two shot together, twining into a single string that looked like yarn. The moment the connection was complete, the silver turned red as well, and Lorne went limp, his aura dimming.

“No,” Sean said, as he tried to keep him from hitting the ground, but he couldn’t hold him up. “Stop this, are you insane?”

“It’d be easier, wouldn’t it,” she said, and shook her head. “If all the people whose priorities didn’t match your own were simply crazy, but they’re not.”

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